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State of the News Media

Pew Research Center released its annual State of the News Media reports this month, showing a continuing decline for newspapers and rise of digital media.

Here’s on overview of their findings:

“The estimated total U.S. daily newspaper circulation (print and digital combined) in 2017 was 31 million for weekday and 34 million for Sunday, down 11% and 10%, respectively, from the previous year. Declines were highest in print circulation: Weekday print circulation decreased 11% and Sunday circulation decreased 10%.”

“In the U.S., roughly nine-in-ten adults (93%) get at least some news online (either via mobile or desktop), and the online space has become a host for the digital homes of both legacy news outlets and new, ‘born on the web’ news outlets. Digital advertising revenue across all digital entities (beyond just news) continues to grow…”

“News media made by and for the two largest racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States – blacks and Hispanics – have been a consistent part of the American news landscape. However, many black-oriented newspapers – some more than a century old – have seen a slow decline in circulation in recent years, mirroring the overall decline in newspaper circulation. Both print and television Hispanic media, on the other hand, have enjoyed relative strength over the last decade, but that growth has now slowed.”

“As the two largest Spanish-language television networks in the U.S., Univision and Telemundo are key providers of news for Spanish speakers. While viewership for some shows on these networks was roughly flat or even increased in 2016, viewership for each network’s largest news program decreased at least slightly … Both Univision and Telemundo have local affiliate stations that also carry their own original news programming. Average viewership for Univision affiliates’ news programming declined across all timeslots in 2016, with late night news viewership down 9%, early evening news down 4% and morning news down 3%. By comparison, combined average viewership for Telemundo affiliates’ early evening and late night news remained about stable, while Telemundo’s morning news viewership – with the smallest reach of all its news timeslots – grew 15%.”

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